The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, with its contiguous, undeveloped land and the concentration wildlife, is the wildest landscape in the lower forty-eight states of the U.S., and the most iconic complex of public lands in America.

Today this region is experiencing rapid human development. In the blink of an eye it is transforming into the latest hip playground and “last best place” for Americans and foreigners alike. The result of such development and growing variety of human uses expands the human footprint in this place, stressing the wildlife as a whole and challenging their longevity in an environment that has been their home for 10,000 years or more. As the human footprint expands across the region time is running out for humankind to recognize the critical need to conserve this last place where the Grizzly, American bison and Grey wolf call home.

Artemis Institute recognizes that sustaining intact and healthy ecosystem in an era when human beings dominate the Earth is a nearly unattainable task, and can most certainly not be achieved without expanding humankind’s understanding, support and care for these vibrant ecosystems and their wild creatures. For this reason we have launched WILDLIFES, a project that relies on a mixture of visual arts and grass roots activities to inspire, engage, and help educate the next generation of the need to protect this wild place and its inhabitants.

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